Board games "Populists" & "Populist"

By playing this game, you will develop your critical thinking. This game will help you to become more aware of logical fallacies made by celebrities and opinion leaders. You will learn to analyse logical fallacies and how to refute them.

Get a copy of the game and become immune to logical fallacies!

What is the game about?

Have you ever misrepresented information in the way, which fits your agenda? If so, how? Were you referencing to your personal experience, when you actually knew that you are talking about only one case, which does not represent a general trend? Or maybe you were using personal attacks, to belittle your opponent or their arguments? These nasty trick are not lies, but they are called logical fallacies: faulty arguments used, to present information in a way, which benefits a speaker. 


In our daily life we encounter more than 20 logical fallacies. these fallacies are tricks, used to twist information in favor of a speaker. To some extent, all of us use these tricks in our daily life. Why? Because logical fallacies are quite difficult to recognize. But the problem is, we are promoting faulty argumentation and we are encouraging discourse, in which it becomes difficult to tell truth from lies. 


Game "Populist" is created to teach about logical fallacies and ways, in which we all can start recognizing and avoiding them. The game will make you re-think, how you and everyone else perceives information.

Game is played by 3 to 6 players

What do you think: does this quote contain a logical fallacy? If so, do you know what kind of a logical fallacy it contains? The game is created in order to make all players analyse information and compete with other players in a fun way, as some players are the good guys (voters), but some are the bad guys (populists). This game will be useful for everyone, who is interested to improve critical and logical thinking skills, ability to analyse information, discuss and work in a team. 

How can I get a copy of the game?

Sadly, at the moment we are unable to offer game's copies in Latvian language, as there's just a handful of games left. We will inform you, once the situation changes. 

With support of the British Council Latvia, Culture Ministry of Latvia and K.Adenauer Foundation we have provided lectures and workshops on logical fallacies & we have gifted the game to more than 100 schools in Latvia. To find out, whether your schools has a copy of the game, click here

If you wish to use the game in your curricula, you will find this material very useful: it will help anyone interested to understand the game's idea and method. It gives insight into the value of critical thinking both in daily life and in professional development. You will also learn more about the concept of gamification, value of the critical thinking, media literacy, logical fallacies and more. The material in Latvian language can be found here.


You can also download the game here

Methodical materials are created with the support of the British Council Latvia, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Latvijas Finieris. Contents of the game are the sole responsibility of the Latvian Debate Association "QUO Tu doma?". Acknowledgements to Evija Goluba, Edgars Klētnieks, Rasmuss Filips Geks, Edgars Lapiņš (SkeptiCafe), Sandra Falka, Agnese Lāce, Pēteris Pūrītis, Artis Dubkevičs, Kristofers Borovskis, Henriks Bērmanis, Edgars Zaķis, Sintija Tarasova, Kristaps Auzāns, Mārtiņš Vaivars, Rūta Gabaliņa, Ieva Skrīvere, Lauma Vernere, Dārta Maija Zaķe.


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